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Myracle Holloway Smith

Inspirational / Gospel Singer / Songwriter

Myracle Holloway-Smith is an inspirational/gospel singer/songwriter who uses her gift of music to empower and uplift. She’s faced and overcome many challenges during her childhood and teenage years, but despite those hardships, she never gave up.

Myracle knew very early in her life she had the gift for singing. Myracle has toured with Earth Wind and Fire as a backup vocalist under the tutelage of Philip Bailey who helped her begin to find her voiceas an artist. Myracle has sang back up for Toni Braxton and other well-known artist.

Myracle is passionate about people discovering their purpose and becoming all that they are destined to be. Her viral song/video “Hello, God it’s Me” was birthed out of that desire.

The single was recorded and released on her new inspirational album “Underneath TheMakeup. 

Myracle Holloway Smith
Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund

The song, which deals with questions about each person’s purpose and place in the world, went viral on her Facebook site, Xlive’s Africa’s Facebook and other sites garnering 21 million views and more than 600k shares. Thousands of the commenters on Facebook noted how moving, inspirational and meaningful the song was to them and their lives. Someeven noted that hearing the song helped ease their depression and sense of despair.

The song’s lyrics are a reflection of Holloway’s own life journey. Her goal is to use her music
as a platform to inspire others and let them know they can overcome any adversity, and that
God loves them no matter what and most importantly that it’s not too late to live life on

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