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How To Promote Economic Empowerment For Women?

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The key to achieving gender equality is to increase women’s economic empowerment in youth wellness programs. Persistent social norms and prejudice still prevent women from succeeding in the workforce. In developing and developed economies, women are less likely to work than men. And their involvement in the labor force is also constrained. 2.7 billion women worldwide are prohibited by laws from holding equivalent jobs to men.


18 nations still permitted husbands to forbid their wives from working in 2018. Furthermore, at least one law restricting women’s access to the workforce exists in 104 different nations. In addition, COVID-19 has made it necessary for women to abandon the workforce in large numbers; during the first year of the pandemic, 54 million women worldwide were unemployed, with women of color being impacted the hardest.


Here Are The Ways To Promote Economic Empowerment For Women!


Observing the importance of women’s economic accreditation, we have enlisted a few ways to make women and youth empowerment initiatives successful.


1. Ensure Women’s participation In The Economy

Women are less likely to have official bank accounts and borrow money than men. Even when women have accounts, men may still decide how to utilize their money. Women frequently do not have access to extra financial services like savings & insurance due to a lack of financial education. Additionally, they sometimes cannot open bank accounts without the approval of a male family member. Women may benefit from having access to resources like bank accounts and credit.


2. Put Enforcing Policies And Protection System For Women To Work

Ladies are less inclined to approach social assurances like annuities, joblessness benefits, maternity security, and equivalent compensation. Since ladies frequently acquire between 60% and 75% less than men, the orientation pay hole should be shut to even the odds. Workers with children, irrespective of gender, should benefit from flexible work arrangements to distribute the home labor load. It will greatly benefit youth wellness programs. Poor women would particularly benefit from paid maternity leave and child care. In any economy, a 2% investment in child care leads to 6% economic growth.


3. Unpaid Labour Should Be Recognized As Work

Unpaid care work includes home chores like cooking, cleaning, collecting water and firewood, and looking after children or the elderly, which women frequently do. Every day, unpaid care work is estimated to take about 16 billion hours. Although unpaid domestic and care work makes a significant economic contribution to nations, it is not considered real work. According to estimates, the value of unpaid domestic and care work ranges from 10% to 39% of the nation’s gross domestic product.


4. Investments Should Be Made In Women’s Organizations

Around the world, grassroots women’s organizations and movements are underfunded and attacked. In developing nations, about 70% of small- and medium-sized businesses are either unserved or neglected financially. Additionally, women are less likely to start their businesses and face more challenges. Without funding, women’s organizations would be unable to support programs that would decrease inequality and increase possibilities for their communities.


5. Decent Work Should Be Created For Women

In rural areas without protections or livable wages, women are likelier to work in the informal economy and are overrepresented in domestic work. Women must have equal access to management positions, benefits, new technology, education, training, etc. Additionally, workplaces must be safe, up to the health code, support equitable pay, and be free of sexual harassment & other forms of violence. Decent work is also an important part of youth health and wellness programs. It has been demonstrated that firms expand and operate more effectively when women have more job and leadership options.


Join Us In Our Mission Of Empowering Women And Youth

The importance of youth wellness programs in our society is something we appreciate at the Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund. Thus, our focus on youth empowerment is not just a cause but also a deliberate action toward building healthier and better communities. Moreover, we guarantee that ladies and youths from all backgrounds have equivalent admittance to opportunities and support through our many projects and initiatives.