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Building Self Esteem – Women Empowerment

The Empowerment Of Women Has Been Viewed From A Very Narrow Perspective...

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The empowerment of women has been viewed from a very narrow perspective in the world today. Attention ought to be put on manifesting a holistic approach to womanhood and the feminine with the idea of bringing a balance of what a woman sees on the outside of herself and the inside of herself to help with building self esteem. With this in mind women empowerment should reach beyond what the media portrays she should be and how she should act and strive for a woman to be her authentic self and create a matriarchal society built on creative and generative action. A society that embraces this kind of woman will be based on the pillars of love, compassion, and nurturing with a purpose of unifying the forces of nature.

If this is to occur in reality, then the major necessity is the social, economic, religious and political empowerment of women as their authentic selves. Women have to release themselves of the bondage of their vision that traps them in a cycle of low self esteem and wholeheartedly participate in reshaping society by learning to love themselves for who they are and working closely and honestly with other women in a true partnership.

If women are empowered economically, socially, religiously and politically then they become more confident and will articulate their thoughts without concern of ridicule and be more effective with their actions. This can only be positive for her, her family and society because she will be involved in decisions affecting all of the above and her decisions will be based on what is best for the whole and not just herself. Yes, and this includes benefiting men as well.

Our society’s structures today are still patriarchal in nature based on power and control. In this environment women are made to feel second class and not really have a say in what matters although she must be the one to bear the brunt of it. The media toady as always portrays what men believe women should look like and act like. This makes it very difficult for young girls growing up to find sources that help with building self esteem and consequently causes them to feel limited.

Developing mentoring and coaching programs that teach young and older women how to bring out and live their true authentic selves will lead to more and more changes in our society that will then make a difference for the world.

It is of the utmost importance we understand what true women empowerment is and not just repeat the same old stale message that woman should be paid more. Woman who are comfortable with who they are and learn to love themselves and work in partnership with other women without fear of loss or jealousy will create economic growth and allow women to be more progressive and thus she will positively impact every sphere of her life.

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