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Essential Principles To Consider When Pursuing Life-long Holistic Human Health

Physical: Without A Shadow of A Doubt You Must Proactively Work And...


Physical: Without a shadow of a doubt you must proactively work and strive to keep the body temple clean, lean and pristine. Cells must be nourished, organ systems optimal, skin radiant, lungs strong and senses sharp. You must train it, wash it, oil it, rest it and you must expose it to the elements. It’s like owning a car, or a house… take pride and maintain its functions… or it will break.

Seasonal: Just like every other living thing on this planet we must adapt consciously to the changing seasons and weathers that we live through. Our food, activity, clothing, energy, habits change as we align to the summer, spring, autumn and winter. It might sound obvious… but many people are ignorant to it as they do not tune into nature anymore or the outdoors. Trust your instinct… cool foods and fruit in the summer, warming things and more sleep in the winter. The basics of seasonal adaption are called living a wise life.

Nutritional: We must tailor our nutrition to suite our own needs. There is a difference between real food and fake food. Processed, man-made, bleached and canned food is not food. Keep things local, organic, and seasonal as a rule of thumb. If it doesn’t go off down eat it. If it doesn’t have labels or a list of ingredients it is better. It is always better to eat whole foods and stick to food your ancestors ate. Avoid the main offenders in general, like wheat, gluten, pastries, sweets, processed non-organic (red meat) and keep it simple.

Emotional: You may be the top athlete, lean as a leopard or as fast as a leopard. You may have all the money and abundance… but I’ll tell you straight, if you have toxic, stressful relationships, if you fear people around you, if you have a negative relationship to your own heart or if you repress or suppress your feelings, YOU WILL get ill. It’s just a matter of time. It has a massive impact. And besides, you don’t want to commit ‘crimes of passion’ at any rate!

Sensual: In today’s world we have become ‘shut in’ and we usually come in a very neat, sterile condition. Even family don’t touch and hold and play and caress one another… what happened to the joy or sensuality, not only in the bedroom, or on the sofa… but combing some ones hair, shaving your grandpa or wrestling your young ones or sleeping with your dog? To hell with it! Shut up and touch somebody, hug somebody, do something but for goodness sake make some contact! It’s good for your health, you mammalian creature you.

Sexual: You are creative, sexual, creative creatures. Humans, unlike animals, ‘mate’ all year round, and not just for pro-creational purposes as your Rabbi would have you believe. Sexuality is the spark of life and creativity. In an age of pornography, boarding schools, oppressive religion and cardboard culture and unimaginative, knee jerk sexuality… women have come to accept the fact that the Missionary position last 10 minutes and foreplay in little more than a half-conscious grope. WOAH! Explore this energy in your life, buy some books, lock yourself in a room and learn to play, control and enjoy this energy. There is so much more to sex than counting the number of women you ‘conquer’ or how quickly you can make a man come. It is the creative, intimate energy that has the power to alchemizes and transform lovers… healing, inspiring and pure.

Mental: You must train your mind and mentality with various principles of practice if you desire optimal well-being in the head. Firstly, you MUST meditate every day, for a minimum of 11 minutes twice per day; this is like having a bath for the brain. You must set goals and look at them often. You should avoid too much TV, loud music, ‘News’ and anything considered garbage for the mind. Drink lots of water and for the love of god READ and educate yourself, not to pass exams but because you love to study a field of passion.

Social: We are social creatures. We are tribal people; everywhere in the world… we band into clusters, form creeds, nations and like lions, build a pride we can be proud of. Surround yourself with interesting, positive, similar valued people. Nurture your relationships, keep loved ones close. Eat together, sing together, do things together. You must nurture ‘a tribe’ in your life, or several. If you are not close to your family, find people you love and make them your family in your heart and actions… people need people. We need love and appreciation. Go out there and make real friends, people you can cry, laugh and grow old with.

Energetic: A very loose term… energetic. But let’s explore it quickly. When you wake up do you feel rested? When you go to work are you motivated? When you meet your friends are you comfortable? When you study your subject are you hungry to learn? The ‘energy’ behind things is essential to authentic well-being… if you hate your job and despise your friends… what use is there in that, what energy is behind that part of your life? Make sure the energy behind the things in your life are positive, nurturing and enjoyable to you… otherwise why on earth are you forcing yourself to do something you have bad energy for?

Spiritual: Your life has to feel like it has some greater meaning, some sort of transcendental meaning, and some subjective cause to devote and strive ‘toward’. The Human requires a sense of the greater, the eternal, the divine… in order to flourish in this vast, unknowable, often frightening universe. We need to fulfil our spiritual needs; however we find it fit to express it. Religion is one way, shamanic journeying is another, looking deep into the stars or the heart… contemplating wisdom and philosophy, morals and ethics. We must feed and nourish our spiritual sense of self in order to feel our lives have a purpose. Even IF life is empty and meaningless, create a sense of meaning, and your life will be blessed with the experience that your actions and days are not just empty.

Vocational: The age of the medieval peasantry and caste system is over. The industrial age of drone workers is slowly coming to an end. Humans are no longer brainy biological cog in a wheel or slaves to a ‘job’. Nowadays, if you can read and access this article you have NO EXCUSE not to make a living what you truly love. A vocation is something you want to do not HAVE to do in order to make money and express your labour of love to serve society. If you truly want to me a potter, then pursue it with love, faith and work hard… or you could be a banker, or a baker, or a bookie… anything and everything… but make sure you don’t just work like a zombie, but create like a human being. This is what it means to have a vocation, to have a ‘job’ you would do even if money didn’t exist… find out where your passion lies and then monetise it.

Amar Prem Singh is a Holistic Health Coach (Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher) and founder of Human Health Harmonics. Having lived and learnt alongside a variety of great Teachers and Masters, Amar Prem possesses great passion, skill and devotion when it comes to serving his Clients. His passionate purpose is to share what he believes to be the ‘Timeless Teachings’ and the ‘Sacred Sciences’. His hope and vision in sharing these views, systems and technologies with the World is that Humanity will prosper due to increased human health, happiness and holiness! For more information or to get in touch visit http://www.amarpremsingh.com and [http://www.humanhealthharmonics.com] or connect via social media.